Big Time Mobile Entertainment

That’s right, we said Foto XL! Big Time Mobile Entertainment is sure you’ve been to a wedding where the first thing you see is a huge box canopy in the room, What an eyesore! Big Time Mobile Entertainment’s photo booth is called Foto XL and it takes up NO additional space and pictures can be taken anywhere. Foto XL utilizes any of your guest’s pictures from any mobile device any point thoughout your day from any point in the world and displays them on a screen for everyone to see, a photobooth can't do that! You and your guests will enjoy sending in pictures and watching them thoughout the night. Big Time Mobile Entertainment also creates a private custom webpage just for you, thats right your own webpage! This webpage will have your picture, and links for anyone anywhere to watch your event, all you have to do is share it on social media. A photobooth can't do any of that, sounds like Foto XL is the winner here. We provide the display, props, and oh yeah, fun! You provide the people.

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